Paddy Power sponsored story on Facebook

Facebook to remove Sponsored Stories ad format (but it’s not all bad news for Page owners)

Sponsored Stories will no longer exist as a standalone ad format in Facebook’s ad arsenal come April. Instead the advertising giant will bring the “social context” element found in Sponsored Stories to all of its other ad formats later this year.

Facebook announced on Thursday last that it would remove Sponsored Stories as a standalone ad format on April 9. Sponsored Stories is the only ad format on Facebook that marketers don’t have to create content for. Sponsored Stories, as Facebook describes them, are “messages coming from friends about them engaging with a Page, app or event that a business, organization or individual has paid to highlight”. So if a Facebook users Likes your brand’s Facebook Page, you can pay Facebook to highlight this interaction to the user’s friends, either in the News Feed or right side ad section. It’s a social endorsement of your brand and, for most Page owners, is an ad format that converts well. (more…)

Why Irish businesses need to think mobile in 2014

In an interview with Bloomberg Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt gives his predictions for 2014. The advice that small businesses in Ireland can take from this is that mobile, as occurred in 2013, will play a very important role in marketing, online commerce and in helping businesses reach new customers.

There are now more smartphones and tablets being sold than personal computers. Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly becoming consumers’ primary devices while personal computers become secondary. (more…)