Online business citations and the need for consistency in your NAP

Why your online business citations need to be consistent

When it comes to local search engine optimisation NAP consistency is critical. NAP is an acronym for the name, address and phone number of your business. When your business’ NAP is mentioned on the web this is called a citation. Search engines analyse the number and quality of citations your business has to help rank businesses in local search. The more high quality citations your business has, the higher it ranks for local search queries. Search engines also use these citations to help verify the credibility and trustworthiness of your business information, which again can be an important factor in ensuring your business appears high in local search rankings.

Unfortunately inconsistencies in business citations occurs often across the web, particularly if your business has moved location or changed its phone number in the past. A lot of online web directories use company databases to populate their websites, leading to some outdated and potentially harmful information about your business. Even the slightest of variance in a business’ NAP can confuse search engines and stop them from crediting you for a particular listing. (more…)

Business Facebook page comment

Why it’s so important to follow up sales leads quickly (especially within one hour)

With the continued growth of social media and realtime communication our ability to be patient is diminishing. We expect near instant responses from our online interactions. When it comes to potential customers online it’s no different.

In today’s world sales leads usually derive from two sources – online and offline. While you may approach the two differently, one thing that both sources demand is to be followed-up in a swift and timely manner. In fact, you’re 60-times more likely to convert a sales prospect if you respond within the first hour than you are if you respond after 24 hours. (more…)

Google webmaster tools update

Webmaster Tools update will help small business websites

Google has, at the beginning of January, released a new update to its ‘Search Queries’ report in Webmaster Tools. The update now provides webmasters and small business owners with exact data on impressions and clicks-throughs for any keyword used in Google Search or page on a specific date or within a specific date range. Previously only rounded figures for impressions and click-throughs were provided.

If you visit your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard you’ll see an update line across the Search Queries graph specifying exactly when the update took place. This graph is found under Search Traffic > Search Queries. (more…)