Gary Vaynerchuk on working in a family business

A video from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk on his experience with working in a family business. Gary has successfully set up two businesses with his brother and father that are currently valued at over $100 million. He currently runs a web series in which he answers questions posed by his loyal followers on Twitter, we definitely recommend checking it out, there’s a lot of great tips and tricks that will help grow your business.

Q: How did you deal with working in a family business?

A: Very carefully. I’m on my second family business now, and I look forward to working on one with my kids now. The reason I’ve had two successful family businesses has a lot to do with my mom and my dad, and the fact that we allowed our love to trump our pride, and our competitiveness.

Connor McCarra

Connor is studying Marketing, Innovation and Technology at Dublin City University. He's a freelance web developer and online marketer with an interest in all things technology and mobile. You'll find him tweeting at @connormccarra.

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