How to determine the best time to post on your Facebook page

When should I post on my page to get the best reach for my content? This is one of the most commonly asked questions in relation to Facebook marketing and for a long time the only estimate marketers had for this problem were studies which showed the time people were most on Facebook worldwide. There were many problems with this, namely it wasn’t country or time zone specific and what might be best time to post for one audience isn’t exactly the best time for your audience.

Thankfully Facebook recently released a new version of page insights designed to help page owners create better content and provide them with more information about the people that visit their pages. One of the more powerful tools that came with this update is the ‘when your fans are online’ insight. This new insight details how many page visits your page received over the last week outlined by day of the week and time of day. Here is how to to access the feature:

For this example I’m using the Facebook page of Murray Fireplacesa medium sized company that specialises in the manufacture of fireplaces, worktops, headstones and stoves. I have been working with this company over the past few years to help further their online presence.

Access your page insights by clicking ‘see insights’ in the top bar of your Facebook page.


This will bring you to an overview of your page insights. Next click the ‘posts’ tab.


This will bring up the ‘when your fans are online’ insight. On this page we can see how many visits the page received drilled down by day. It also gives an aggregated view of the number of visits received every hour.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 18.04.54

With this insight we can see that fans of Murray Fireplaces are online most on a Tuesday at 9pm (you can see an individual specific time graph by hovering over the day). With this in mind we can schedule our posts for around 12 noon and 9pm for maximum reach, giving your post the best possible opportunity to get exposure.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 19.15.32

It’s important to note that this data changes every week and what may be a good time to post one week might change the next due to seasonal changes or other factors.

Connor McCarra

Connor is studying Marketing, Innovation and Technology at Dublin City University. He's a freelance web developer and online marketer with an interest in all things technology and mobile. You'll find him tweeting at @connormccarra.

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