Google webmaster tools update

Webmaster Tools update will help small business websites

Google has, at the beginning of January, released a new update to its ‘Search Queries’ report in Webmaster Tools. The update now provides webmasters and small business owners with exact data on impressions and clicks-throughs for any keyword used in Google Search or page on a specific date or within a specific date range. Previously only rounded figures for impressions and click-throughs were provided.

If you visit your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard you’ll see an update line across the Search Queries graph specifying exactly when the update took place. This graph is found under Search Traffic > Search Queries. (more…)

Why Irish businesses need to think mobile in 2014

In an interview with Bloomberg Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt gives his predictions for 2014. The advice that small businesses in Ireland can take from this is that mobile, as occurred in 2013, will play a very important role in marketing, online commerce and in helping businesses reach new customers.

There are now more smartphones and tablets being sold than personal computers. Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly becoming consumers’ primary devices while personal computers become secondary. (more…)